Killing Your Darlings

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My current project is a 130,000-word fantasy novel that has basically been complete, in some form, for a few years.  I’m currently plowing through the third fairly major rewrite.  The first constituted rewriting about 25% of the material and adding another 20% or so to the original draft.  The second time, I rewrote a good 50 – 75%, mostly in the form of spot edits.  This time, it’s mostly moving things around.  After some deep soul searching I have elected to remove the prologue, relating the relevant information through scattered flashbacks instead so that the novel will begin with action and the inciting incident right up front.

For those of you who aren’t writers, this is how books are written: they’re rewritten.  Some famous writer once said that “writing is rewriting.”  I forget if it was William Faulkner or Kinky Friedman.

My first attempt to try and sell it was in 2004.  The book was about five years old at that point, and I had finally polished it to the point where I really considered it finished.  I submitted to about eight publishers, and within three months I received seven rejections.  I gave up on the eight.  Then, almost a full year from my original submission, I heard from the eight.  It was a bite.

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Great job as always, Microsoft…

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Ah, Microsoft, you've done it again!

/facepalm @microsoft

I had planned to spend a couple hours this evening working on the final draft of my novel.  Shortly after I began, up popped my friendly Microsoft Autoupdater, informing me of an available update.  Which I installed.  At which point Microsoft informed me that it had determined my Office CD Key was invalid, and I could no longer use its software.


My Office for Mac CD (which I paid for and installed legally, I make a point to mention) is at home somewhere.  I and my laptop, meanwhile, are visiting  my parents.  Perfect timing.

It’s funny, isn’t it?  The only software I’ve had any problems with on my Mac (in the nine years since I switched) was made by Microsoft. Continue Reading

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