Women’s March: Welcome to the Resistance. Here’s What to Do Next.

A practical guide for Women's Marchers especially white people) looking for a productive way to channel their energy the day-after.

Nate Silver swung the election. He should admit it.

It's a simple but unfortunate fact that most humans don't understand probability. It's not our fault, exactly. Our primate brains are not designed for it. Take the Gambler's Fallacy: If a coin flip comes up...

First Amendment Friday: January 20, 2017

Republicans want it legal to kill protesters, the Slants face the Supreme Court, and Trump and Pence each have their own run-ins with the First Amendment.

Don’t Let Republicans Pretend Racists Face Discrimination

Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump want to claim they're victims of opposition from the people they oppress. Don’t let them get away with it.

A Poisoned Oklahoma Town Says Scott Pruitt Should Know about Lead

Scott Pruitt, Trump's nominee to head the EPA, says he doesn't know about lead poisoning. But his state lost an entire town, Picher, to lead contamination.

“Russia Didn’t Hack Voting Machines” is Fake News

We don't have evidence that the Russians hacked our voting machines, but considering all the things we do know, it's hard to fathom that it really didn't happen--and having no evidence doesn't mean much when we haven't done any investigation.

Don’t Be a White “Ally”

Social justice isn't about your identity, and you don't have to label yourself to fight for equality.

Racism Didn’t Elect Donald Trump. White Fragility Did.

The Deplorables might be more visible, but the majority of white Trump voters don’t think they have a problem with race.

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