Here’s what you should think about before making that Bruce Jenner joke

Bruce Jenner is a millionaire public figure, and probably made himself a fair target for mockery--but it's not his feelings you need to consider before making transphobic jokes.

The shit hits the Brat Boy fans

I've followed Brat Boy School, the home page of model/blogger/underwear spokesman Ethan Reynolds for quite some time. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a "fan" of Ethan's, but he was pretty and I checked in...

The Big Short is my favorite movie of this year’s awards season.

Though yesterday's Oscar nominations make me feel gross endorsing a film almost exclusively starring white men, The Big Short remains my favorite of this year's award season films, and I would happily sit through a third viewing--although I' probably cry again.

Soccer players kissing, blah blah blah

Paul Scholes and Gary Neville play soccer, professionally apparently, in a country called--wait, let me look this up--England.  Except there it's called "football," which I assume explains the unexplained popularity of soccer.  The British...

This is my beef with the anti-GMO folks

A friend shared this on Facebook this morning. It's a compelling image, right? On the left, sepia-toned Americana: The classic farmer, in the field with his felt hat and his overalls. On the right, the...

Racism Didn’t Elect Donald Trump. White Fragility Did.

The Deplorables might be more visible, but the majority of white Trump voters don’t think they have a problem with race.

Don’t Be a White “Ally”

Social justice isn't about your identity, and you don't have to label yourself to fight for equality.

Women’s March: Welcome to the Resistance. Here’s What to Do Next.

A practical guide for Women's Marchers especially white people) looking for a productive way to channel their energy the day-after.

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