Shitting on Phil Collins, Part Two

Yesterday I explained my personal sentimental connection to the work of Phil Collins and Genesis, and how my perspective has evolved with my musical tastes.  Even with that as background, I still feel bad...

I’ve read about a dozen reviews of the Game of Thrones finale…

...and not a single reviewer seems to notice the potential relevance of Dany's visions in the House of the Undying. Lots of people are unhappy with what was removed from the House of the...

How to be a Good Hotel on a Marathon Weekend

It's marathon season, which means time for runners to book hotels. Actually, it's late September, which means marathon accommodations will be hard to find in many cities. If you're running and haven't booked your stay yet,...

Our Inability to Talk about Guns is Killing Children

The United States has a gun problem, but perhaps more importantly we have a talking problem. Until we can have a rational, reasonable discussion about guns, with both sides participating, we're never going to find a solution.

The Flight of Cassini

This is absolutely incredible - no computer graphics or 3D animations here. These are actual photos of Saturn, taken by the Cassini spacecraft and composited to create an animated voyage. Watch it full-screen.

How I became an insider, or Why I #Occupy, and Why You Should Too.

This is not about analysis of the 99 Percent Movement. You can get that elsewhere. This is about my own experiences with the movement in Philadelphia. This is an effort to show you what the protest is really like, and why you should lend your own support - or at least see it for yourself before you make judgements.

How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities

Leave your safety pins at home, and take action that will actually help the people and communities hurt by Trump.

Ted Cruz, the Birther Movement, and Tea Party Hypocrisy

Ted Cruz's candidacy is tacit endorsement of President Obama's legitimacy by the birther movement.

Giving Tuesday Suggestions!

Giving Tuesday is my favorite post-Thanksgiving theme weekday! Here are four charities I believe in and to which I donate.

Get the Olympics Out of Russia (Just Say Nochi)

httpv:// Russia's persecution of LGBT people is ample reason for the IOC to pull the Olympics out of Sochi, even with only six months to go before the Sochi games. Here's a response to the...

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