Video: Gene Patenting and Public Education

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Compulsory or not, it’s time for Internet voting.

President Obama muses on forcing people to vote, but just making it easier would be a start--and it's time we used the Internet to do that.

Do you have a minute to talk about idiocy? (The ACLU, WBC, and gay...

Call me partial, but articles like this get my blood boiling. You can read the whole thing at that link, but here's a summary: John Featherman, writing for, doesn't believe the ACLU should...

Read this profile of Vic Walczak, a friend and civil rights hero

I encourage you to read this piece in Colgate University's newsletter about Vic Walczak, the state legal director for the ACLU of Pennsylvania. I had the privilege to work with Vic during my time...

George R. R. Martin cares about what I do!

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. I hardly need validation from celebrities to make me feel good about my job. Still, it was a nice start to the week to read...

Giving Tuesday Suggestions!

Giving Tuesday is my favorite post-Thanksgiving theme weekday! Here are four charities I believe in and to which I donate.

Sometimes I get to feel like I work with super heroes.

So a high school principal in Tennessee, Dorothy Bond, was using the PA system to preach about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. She was holding assemblies to tell her students that gay people "weren't...

Trigger Warnings and Tyranny

As American law and culture seek to prevent emotional harm, we risk elevating hurt feelings above due process and core principles of justice.

Thank you for your support

As we approach the end of the tax year, I thought I'd share a brief list of the charitable organizations I personally support.  Some of you can probably afford to make much larger gifts...

First Amendment Friday: 05.02.2014

Rap lyrics, drone journalism, and the NCAA's right to use "student athletes" in video games: the week in First Amendment issues.

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