Dear White People, Your Safety Pins are Embarassing

Wearing a safety pin is a really great way to show off your white privilege and make yourself feel better while doing little to nothing for the people who have actually been hurt by Trump.

How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities

Leave your safety pins at home, and take action that will actually help the people and communities hurt by Trump.

This Thomas Jefferson Bio for Kids Seems to Be Missing Something

A friend and former coworker shared these photos on Facebook. Her daughter picked up a book from the school library about Thomas Jefferson--specifically it's "Thomas Jefferson" by author Doraine Bennett, published in 2012 by...

America’s Opiate Epidemic is Our Worst Ever, Unnoticed

More than a quarter-million Americans have overdosed, the worst drug epidemic in American history, and yet many of us don't even know it's happening.

It’s Time for the Republican Party to Abandon its Racist Base

The only way for the GOP to regain legitimacy is to ditch the racist voters who have sustained it since the 1960s.

Trump’s Victims are Sacrificing Themselves for All of Us

No one looks forward to accusing a national celebrity, a candidate for President, of rape or sexual assault. No one WANTS to be in the national media talking about a violation of their body,...

If you’re a Comcast customer, your WiFi is probably open to the whole neighborhood.

The ISP giant secretly turned every customer's home into a public hotspot, and most people probably haven't noticed.

“13 Hours” is about to make our politics much, much stupider

If you're like me, you have zero intention of seeing 13 Hours, Michael Bay's new right-wing fantasy porn flick. Maybe, like me, you've sat through four incomprehensible Transformers movies (owing to a borderline masochistic...

The Big Short is my favorite movie of this year’s awards season.

Though yesterday's Oscar nominations make me feel gross endorsing a film almost exclusively starring white men, The Big Short remains my favorite of this year's award season films, and I would happily sit through a third viewing--although I' probably cry again.

Chris’s Top Stuff of 2015

Time again to look back at another year and the entertainment media it produced. Rather than do a bunch of entries with different top things, I thought I'd cover it all in one post--and I'm not...

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