Get the Olympics Out of Russia (Just Say Nochi)

httpv:// Russia's persecution of LGBT people is ample reason for the IOC to pull the Olympics out of Sochi, even with only six months to go before the Sochi games. Here's a response to the...

Sochi, Human Rights, and Cognitive Bias

I want to talk about the Sochi Olympics. But first I want to talk about status quo bias. I have a theory. It says status quo bias is one of the most powerful influences on...

OFFENDER’S GAME: Why I’m boycotting Orson Scott Card and the Ender’s Game movie


Stonewall at 44 / the death of DOMA

This photo is of Christopher Street, where I just watched Edie Windsor announce that she defeated DOMA. It's where I went as soon as I left the office. It was 44 years ago, almost to...

12.13.2012: The Hawkeye Initiative

The Hawkeye Initiative responds to the rampant sexism in comics by producing images of Hawkeye (AKA Clint Barton) in poses identical to those artists choose for female heroes. I did this one based on an...

Straight and white are the default settings.

I learned this week that straight, white readers tend to assume a character is straight and white - sometimes even when the character expresses attraction to the same sex.

Sometimes I get to feel like I work with super heroes.

So a high school principal in Tennessee, Dorothy Bond, was using the PA system to preach about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. She was holding assemblies to tell her students that gay people "weren't...

A story about Philly police raiding gay bars

A friend forwarded me the story below from the current William Way Community Center newsletter. I just love it: THIS MONTH IN LGBT HISTORY: 1968 POLICE RAIDS ON RUSTY’S This month, we honor Women’s History Month while...

Winning the Future

My mother and I started the morning in a courtroom, observing a legal challenge to Conshohocken Borough's new law protecting LGBT residents against discrimination. There were eight of us in the audience, all supporters of the...

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