You Don’t Have to Like Hillary Clinton to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Many voters simply dislike Hillary Clinton, for some fair reasons and some unfair. But the fact is Hillary is qualified and dedicated to public service, and you don't have to like her to believe she'll do a good job as President.

Trump’s Victims are Sacrificing Themselves for All of Us

No one looks forward to accusing a national celebrity, a candidate for President, of rape or sexual assault. No one WANTS to be in the national media talking about a violation of their body,...

“13 Hours” is about to make our politics much, much stupider

If you're like me, you have zero intention of seeing 13 Hours, Michael Bay's new right-wing fantasy porn flick. Maybe, like me, you've sat through four incomprehensible Transformers movies (owing to a borderline masochistic...

The Top Thing of 2015

This was going to be part of a larger "Top Things of 2015" countdown, but it sprawled out of control and so now it's getting its own post. 2015 was America's truth mirror. It was...

This gun graph will blow your mind!

A friend shared this meme on Facebook. I have a few minutes free on my lunch break, so let's go through it, shall we? Tobacco is regulated and taxed by states and and the federal...

Dear Sam

First chunk of free time I've had in quite a while, so you may get a few cartoons in the next couple of days.

More Crimes That Never Happen!

Perhaps the very worst thing about the repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is that voters feared imaginary sexual assault so much that they voted in favor of actual sexual assault. There's basically...

Wayne LaPierre has plans for your kids

This and other new cartoons at

Chart: The Great Republican Dumbening

Charting the progressive drop in intelligence of the Republican Party

Why Trump is still on top

It was clear from the very first question at the Republican Primary Debate on Thursday night that Donald Trump was going to win. When the candidates were asked as a group, in the very first question...

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