The Big Short is my favorite movie of this year’s awards season.

Though yesterday's Oscar nominations make me feel gross endorsing a film almost exclusively starring white men, The Big Short remains my favorite of this year's award season films, and I would happily sit through a third viewing--although I' probably cry again.

The Revenant is a stunning movie about Leonardo DiCaprio pursuing an Oscar

The Revenant is an absolute feat of filmmaking, in which you'll be much more engaged by the work of Leonardo DiCaprio and Alejandro González Iñárritu than by the fictional story they tell.

Chris’s Top Stuff of 2015

Time again to look back at another year and the entertainment media it produced. Rather than do a bunch of entries with different top things, I thought I'd cover it all in one post--and I'm not...

The Top Thing of 2015

This was going to be part of a larger "Top Things of 2015" countdown, but it sprawled out of control and so now it's getting its own post. 2015 was America's truth mirror. It was...

How the F*** Is This a Thing? Kate Brelin’s “For Such a Time”

How in the hell did a book about a Jewish concentration camp prisoner who falls in love with a Nazi commander and converts to Christianity ever find its way to bookshelves?

Weekend at Harper Lee’s

This one was not exactly fun, but it seems hard to deny. The evidence that really cinched it for me is this analysis at Quartz of the many sections where Go Set a Watchman...

Book Review: Neal Griffin’s “The Benefit of the Doubt”

Neal Griffin's debut novel, "The Benefit of the Doubt" is a page-turner of a thriller by an author with clear expertise in both police procedure and police culture, unflinching in its presentation of violence, racism, and vice....

Game of Thrones: Mother’s Mercy

Read on and you may encounter spoilers from the show, the books, Winds of Winter sample chapters, and fan theories. You have been warned. Okay, for starters: We can all agree that Season Five was...

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