The shit hits the Brat Boy fans

I've followed Brat Boy School, the home page of model/blogger/underwear spokesman Ethan Reynolds for quite some time. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a "fan" of Ethan's, but he was pretty and I checked in...

On Ghostbusters 3 and Feminism

A few thoughts on the meninist response to the announced Ghostbusters 3

The Big Short is my favorite movie of this year’s awards season.

Though yesterday's Oscar nominations make me feel gross endorsing a film almost exclusively starring white men, The Big Short remains my favorite of this year's award season films, and I would happily sit through a third viewing--although I' probably cry again.

Halloween photo, belated

Low-key Halloween this year, what with moving just a few days earlier. Still, pretty proud of our costume choices: White Walker, Texas Ranger and Sia's unnamed avatar.

HBO’s Game of Thrones: Family, Honor, and Legacy in Westeros

One of the most interesting themes of HBO's series through Season Four is how family and legacy play in the lives of the characters, and particularly how Ned Stark's choices continue to impact his surviving family.

The Babadook: Monster-as-Metaphor, Mostly to the Good

Jennifer Kent's "The Babadook" is hands-down the best horror movie since "Let the Right One In." Where it goes wrong is sometimes treating its monster more as allegory than reality.

Don’t Be a White “Ally”

Social justice isn't about your identity, and you don't have to label yourself to fight for equality.

Luxor Las Vegas (Vegas Week)

Luxor is one of the sexiest and most striking resorts on the Strip, but its age, lack of amenities, and distance down the Strip have cost it appeal and made it the top choice for bargain hunters. If you're looking to be surrounded by sexy people, look further up the Strip - but if you're looking to visit Vegas on the cheap, and open to taxi cabs or doing a lot of walking, the Luxor is your resort.

I have single-handedly saved the NHL

Here, according to Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy, is a comparisson between the NHL's old (as in one-year-old) and new rules regarding headshots: ...and here is my proposed headshot rule, circa March 7, 2010: (1) Any...

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