Joel Ward is not his Twitter critics

I had a very brief back-and-forth tonight with Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy, but as sometimes happens I had to come here to explain myself in a bit more detail. To clarify, my complaint...

Thoughts re: An L.A. Kings Stanley Cup

A list of reactions to the Kings win over the Devils.

Photo: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Not a good view of the ice, but you can get a look at the building around it. Classic old barn. I took this at Operation Hat Trick, which was fun to watch.

Sorry for the neglect

I wish I could say it's because I'm buckled down and writing, but honestly it's mostly the NHL playoffs. For productivity, I'm better off when the Rangers miss the playoffs. I am writing, though. Painfully...

Deadspin: NHL Enforcers “The Most Useless Role in Sports.”

Deadspin's Adam Gretz yesterday published his argument that the hockey enforcer is "the most useless role in sports," including a statistical analysis that shows the presence of enforcers on the ice or bench in...

The NHL has got to do something about headhunting.

Still recovering from my septoplasty surgery, so I've spent most of this beautiful Philadelphia Sunday sitting inside watching NHL Center Ice.  I've just watched Marc Savard of the Bruins carried off the ice of...

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