TMBG Countdown #23: Spoiler Alert First Release: Join Us, 2011 (This is an ongoing countdown that will be updated through April. Click here for the full list.) It's exceptionally rare for a band that's been recording for more than 30 years, but...

TMBG Countdown #24: Spiraling Shape First Release: Factory Showroom, 1996 (This is an ongoing countdown that will be updated through April. Click here for the full list.) Factory Showroom arrived during a difficult time for They Might Be Giants and their...

Chris’s Top 26 They Might Be Giants Songs, 1982-2014

In honor of what might be the biggest year in the band's recent history, I have decided to post a countdown of my favorite TMBG tracks, spanning the band's long history, with help from a few friends.

The Babadook: Monster-as-Metaphor, Mostly to the Good

Jennifer Kent's "The Babadook" is hands-down the best horror movie since "Let the Right One In." Where it goes wrong is sometimes treating its monster more as allegory than reality.

How to be a Good Hotel on a Marathon Weekend

It's marathon season, which means time for runners to book hotels. Actually, it's late September, which means marathon accommodations will be hard to find in many cities. If you're running and haven't booked your stay yet,...

HBO’s Game of Thrones: “The Children”

Sunday's episode was 66 minutes of incredible television, and in my view probably the best all-around episode the show has ever done. It also made numerous significant departures from the books, in my view largely for the better--aside from one conspicuous absence.

HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper

Initially I was revolted and disheartened by the ending of this week's episode--but after I thought about it, I decided I liked it. (Warning: Spoilers!)

HBO’s Game of Thrones: Breaker of Chains

A few terrific scenes, a terribly problematic one, and no dragons. My thoughts on Season Four, Episode Three of HBO's adaptation.

True Detective Finale / Will the Yellow King Return?

Despite drawing raves from critics, Season One's finale was cliched and unearned, and ultimately unsatisfying--but here's why we can't really judge Season One until we see what future seasons have in store.

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