2012.01.15: Making the most of NYC

Liz met me after work tonight and we grabbed dinner and took in a Broadway show. Dinner was Korean food at Food Gallery 32, a block from my office. Strange place--eating there, you could...

Making sense of “Prometheus”

From the moment I heard that Ridley Scott was returning to the Alien universe, I was excited. With each news item I read - it's a prequel! It disregards every sequel! It won't show a single face-hugger, xenomorph, or queen! - I grew more encouraged. Going in, I wanted very badly to love Prometheus. In the end, I will say that it looked fantastic, it was entertaining, but overall I was disappointed.

Luxor Las Vegas (Vegas Week)

Luxor is one of the sexiest and most striking resorts on the Strip, but its age, lack of amenities, and distance down the Strip have cost it appeal and made it the top choice for bargain hunters. If you're looking to be surrounded by sexy people, look further up the Strip - but if you're looking to visit Vegas on the cheap, and open to taxi cabs or doing a lot of walking, the Luxor is your resort.

Book Review: “The Shattergrave Knights,” by David M. Haendler

David M. Haendler's first novel is an inventive and exciting story of fantasy with a Pullman-esque dystopian bent. Jack and Olive Merriwether are unsuspecting teens whose good deed raises the ire of a paranoid and overzealous government. With their parents imprisoned and their lives threatened, Jack and Olive must put their trust in unlikely allies and confront their own sinister ancestry if they are to reunite their family.

My brief X-Men: First Class Review

Comic book movies can be broken into three categories: Watchable, Really Pretty Good, and Godawful. Fans of comic books and/or action movies will enjoy the Watchable ones, while Really Pretty Good movies can be...

Film Review: The Road

I finally got to see John Hillcoat and Joe Penhall's film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road this weekend, and I was not disappointed.  McCarthy's bleak post-apocalyptic father-and-son story is one of my favorite...

A Shout out to PVP

I've been enjoying Scott Kurtz's webcomic "PVP" for almost a year now (and wishing I'd discovered the strip years sooner!) but today's might be my favorite ever.  Timing in cartooning is not the easiest...

Narnia Review: being in the closet can be fun!

Went and saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe last night with my friend Alex. Not bad; very faithful to the original book, with a few cheesy chase scenes...

The Lamb Lies Down…in Ardmore!

Took in The Musical Box performing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tonight. Absolutely spectacular. They get better every time I see them. We are about eight rows back from the stage for this...

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