HBO’Game of Thrones: Some Surprises in WaPo’s Infographic

The Washington Post's new infographic charts every on-screen death in the HBO series so far. It's a great way to kill your productivity at work, and includes a few surprises.

Game of Thrones: Mother’s Mercy

Read on and you may encounter spoilers from the show, the books, Winds of Winter sample chapters, and fan theories. You have been warned. Okay, for starters: We can all agree that Season Five was...

Game of Thrones: Further Thoughts on “That Scene”

Since I wrote up my thoughts on the most recent episode, a lot more has been written about “that scene,” and I wanted to follow up with a little more.

The Babadook: Monster-as-Metaphor, Mostly to the Good

Jennifer Kent's "The Babadook" is hands-down the best horror movie since "Let the Right One In." Where it goes wrong is sometimes treating its monster more as allegory than reality.

HBO’s Game of Thrones: Family, Honor, and Legacy in Westeros

One of the most interesting themes of HBO's series through Season Four is how family and legacy play in the lives of the characters, and particularly how Ned Stark's choices continue to impact his surviving family.

On Ghostbusters 3 and Feminism

A few thoughts on the meninist response to the announced Ghostbusters 3

Rolling Stone’s “Top Sci-Fi Movies” Mostly Aren’t Sci-Fi

"Rolling Stone" released their list of the Top 50 Sci-Fi Movies of the 1970's, and some of the top choices have met controversy--but for the wrong reasons, considering how many of them aren't even science fiction.

The Graveyard Slot (an excerpt)

With just a few days remain to pre-order Black Chaos, the new zombie anthology from Big Pulp, I'm sharing the first few pages of my story THE GRAVEYARD SLOT, which you can read in full by ordering!

HBO’s Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper

Oathkeeper is an ironic title for an episode that so boldly abandoned the novels, and may have (surprise!) dropped a major spoiler on readers waiting for the next of Martin's novels.

Westworld: Unanswered Questions for Season Two

Westworld's season one finale left some questions unanswered, and raised new ones. What are we still waiting to find out?

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