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Vore and the Surveillance State (AKA: Will your fantasies land you in prison?)

So NYC's "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valle stands convicted, and he'll do time for...what? The fact that seems to have eluded a lot of people, because people are busy and often just read the headlines, is...

Yosemite Bound

In one week, I'll board a plane and spend three nights solo backpacking around Yosemite National Park. Hopefully I won't be eaten by anything.

The Brief but Stupid Story of Bill Donohue’s (Almost) Anti-Gay Gay Pride Float

I'm posting this story here because I just love it so much. So the Catholic League is an organization established to "defend the Catholic Church," headed by a man named Bill Donohue. Like most Christian...

The terrible symmetry of the Circus Circus (Vegas Week)

I can say honestly that Circus Circus is one of the most uncomfortable places I have ever been. It was uncomfortable in the way Lovecraft describes the city of R'lyeh, built from some strange and foreign geometry that made me unsettled almost from the moment I walked through the front door.

The best welcome gifts for the children

From the dollar store one block from home. All new strong strength. Push try my button for light and sound!

NYC Trivia: New Amsterdam, Old Slip, and Secession

Liz and I spent a couple of hours reading up on New York City's history. This isn't research for a book or anything, it's just because I'm a huge nerd. We were walking around...

Tonight’s Manhattan Sunset

Liz noticed this one first, and luckily I was quick enough with the camera to capture it. Anybody know what those clouds are called?

Long Island City Sunset 03.24.15

These last few months have been rough, but sometimes this city isn't so bad. I took this from the roof of our building the other night, while waiting for a GPS signal before a...

A story about Philly police raiding gay bars

A friend forwarded me the story below from the current William Way Community Center newsletter. I just love it: THIS MONTH IN LGBT HISTORY: 1968 POLICE RAIDS ON RUSTY’S This month, we honor Women’s History Month while...

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