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My New Venture:

Just a quick note that I am now a certified personal trainer (based in New York City), and posting regularly regarding health and fitness at I will continue posting here, too, but I...


Poor guy made it through Hurricane Sandy and Halloween night, and he's no worse for the wear.

Here is a Cute Kitty, Just Because

I walk past this kitten every morning on my way to work, along with another (a sibling, presumably?) with whom he or she shares an Upper East Side pet store window. Edited with BlogPad Pro

DON LEMON PARTY: CNN Anchor Wrong about Race, Wrong about Harlem

httpv:// Don Lemon seems to have made a hobby out of victim blaming recently. The CNN anchor confuses the symptoms of a societal problem with its causes when he argues Black Americans could solve all...

Poutine Fishing in the Big Apple

I am engaged in a search for good poutine. I'm not sure what initiated this, but I know when it hit me, the hunger. It was in Boston, a few months ago. Perhaps it...

Sharing the road

I took advantage of the gorgeous evening in Philadelphia last night with a long-ish bike ride through the city and along the Schuylkill River Trail and Kelly Drive. Not too many cities offer 30+...

NYC Cookie Crawl with Shannon Devido!

Comedian and Actor Shannon Devido (of Stare at Shannon, among other projects) joins me for a cookie-eating tour of Midtown New York City! httpv:// Shannon talks about her projects including stand-up comedy, her goal of becoming...

Quaker Philadelphia, Robber Baron New York

Since moving from Philadelphia to New York City, one thing I've really had trouble with is the culture around money. Mind you, I'm a professional fundraiser, so the subject of money isn't a strange...

Hurricane Sandy Mishigas

I, with most of Philadelphia, survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed. I spent two days huddled in my third-floor apartment, my kitchen jammed with bottles and pots full of reserve water, listening to the wind howl...

Photo: A rather dramatic NYC sunset

A massive fire injured dozens of people and destroyed three buildings in the East Village today, including my favorite poutine shop. Hours later, Manhattan was still awash in smoke.

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