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American Museum of Natural History, New York City

My brother and I had some time to kill on the Upper West Side on Saturday (and I felt like throwing away $40 to park my car for a couple of hours) so we...

How to be a Good Hotel on a Marathon Weekend

It's marathon season, which means time for runners to book hotels. Actually, it's late September, which means marathon accommodations will be hard to find in many cities. If you're running and haven't booked your stay yet,...

Winter has been hard on all of us.

This is the second such hole to show up quite suddenly outside of my apartment building, and I'm wondering if I should be concerned about the building's foundation. What does one even call this? Pothole?...

Long Island City on a Snowy Morning

  Google does this thing it calls "Auto Awesome" when you sync your phone photos with Google Plus. Once in a while, you get a little surprise message that some cyborg somewhere has gussied up...

Photo: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Not a good view of the ice, but you can get a look at the building around it. Classic old barn. I took this at Operation Hat Trick, which was fun to watch.

A story about Philly police raiding gay bars

A friend forwarded me the story below from the current William Way Community Center newsletter. I just love it: THIS MONTH IN LGBT HISTORY: 1968 POLICE RAIDS ON RUSTY’S This month, we honor Women’s History Month while...

Adventuring off the Strip (Vegas Week)

There's something to be said for glitz and flesh and booze, but if you're looking to escape the overstimulation and decompress for a day, there are amazing wildlife adventures within a short drive of Las Vegas. I recommend the Spring Mountains, which are not only picturesque, but usually about 20 degrees cooler than the Strip itself.

Vacation Highlights (AKA Our Rivalry with Fake Good Charlotte)

I spent last week sailing around the Caribbean with Liz (and 3,000 other passengers), which is why it was so quiet around here. We shot a bunch of video, which I expect to translate...

New #1 Vacation Destination

  I had no idea Lucy the Elephant still stood. Stolen from KGB Yard Sale: Summer's Almost Gone.

Long Island City Sunset 03.24.15

These last few months have been rough, but sometimes this city isn't so bad. I took this from the roof of our building the other night, while waiting for a GPS signal before a...

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