NYC Trivia: New Amsterdam, Old Slip, and Secession

Liz and I spent a couple of hours reading up on New York City's history. This isn't research for a book or anything, it's just because I'm a huge nerd. We were walking around...

Tonight’s Manhattan Sunset

Liz noticed this one first, and luckily I was quick enough with the camera to capture it. Anybody know what those clouds are called?

Long Island City Sunset 03.24.15

These last few months have been rough, but sometimes this city isn't so bad. I took this from the roof of our building the other night, while waiting for a GPS signal before a...

We Are All of Us Irrelevant

Out for a walk one afternoon, and this building just grabbed me. The way it filled the entire frame with faceless identical units, the way it towers over the block despite being set back...

New York City, April 2014

It's been beautiful here in the Big Apple the past few days, which means I seize every chance to get outside and get some fresh air. Once in a while I even remember to take photos.

Car: Impounded

On Saturday, my car was impounded. Well, actually that's not quite true. The car was impounded on Monday, the 5th, but I only noticed it on Saturday the 10th because that was the first time...

Snowpocalypse 2015: Taking the Cat for a Walk

We took our cat for a walk outside in the snow. You know, like people do.

The rest of the interview will be centaur questions.

This billboard is right near my office, and I often catch it in varying states of completion. It's great fun.

Conservative Activism: “We’ve Had Enough Smut!”

Liz and I made our first visit to the Museum of the City of New York this afternoon. It's a great museum and I recommend it--we especially enjoyed the exhibits on protecting New York City...

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