The best welcome gifts for the children

From the dollar store one block from home. All new strong strength. Push try my button for light and sound!

Conservative Activism: “We’ve Had Enough Smut!”

Liz and I made our first visit to the Museum of the City of New York this afternoon. It's a great museum and I recommend it--we especially enjoyed the exhibits on protecting New York City...

Civic Personnae

Something Liz and I got thinking about this past weekend: After attending a particularly drunk and rowdy brunch at a bar in downtown Arlington, Virginia (nice town, by the way) Liz remarked how different it...

New York City, Snowy Monday

This is what I woke up to today. I took a quick photo out the window before heading to work. Sure am looking forward to spring.  

Empire State Building, Dusk

A photo from 2013--Hannukah, actually, which is why the color scheme. I walk past this building every day, and every day it's impressive.  

Winter has been hard on all of us.

This is the second such hole to show up quite suddenly outside of my apartment building, and I'm wondering if I should be concerned about the building's foundation. What does one even call this? Pothole?...

Out the Window, 2/13/2014

  ...and I'm thinking about going out for baking ingredients.

New York City, April 2014

It's been beautiful here in the Big Apple the past few days, which means I seize every chance to get outside and get some fresh air. Once in a while I even remember to take photos.

My New Venture:

Just a quick note that I am now a certified personal trainer (based in New York City), and posting regularly regarding health and fitness at I will continue posting here, too, but I...

Vore and the Surveillance State (AKA: Will your fantasies land you in prison?)

So NYC's "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valle stands convicted, and he'll do time for...what? The fact that seems to have eluded a lot of people, because people are busy and often just read the headlines, is...

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