Manhattan January Sunset

Beautiful sunset from a few nights ago. I am unfortunately not talented enough with the camera to really do it justice, but this is pretty passable. This is the view from our apartment window,...

Snowpocalypse 2015: Taking the Cat for a Walk

We took our cat for a walk outside in the snow. You know, like people do.

Car: Impounded

On Saturday, my car was impounded. Well, actually that's not quite true. The car was impounded on Monday, the 5th, but I only noticed it on Saturday the 10th because that was the first time...

Long Island City on a Snowy Morning

  Google does this thing it calls "Auto Awesome" when you sync your phone photos with Google Plus. Once in a while, you get a little surprise message that some cyborg somewhere has gussied up...

Empire State Building, Dusk

A photo from 2013--Hannukah, actually, which is why the color scheme. I walk past this building every day, and every day it's impressive.  

…A Little Rain Must Fall

This is what it looks like in my apartment building when it rains. It isn't safe to use the stairs, you see, because the skylight above the stairwell is broken and massive quantities of rainwater...

Bellevue’s Secret Garden

On Friday Liz and I took a walk, winding our way from Bellevue Hospital to Williamsburg. We found a beautiful little secret garden behind the hospital with some amazing handmade treasures. It was particularly striking...

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, April 2014

I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather and a lunch break this week and walked up to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza for the first time. I looked for the fountain with the turtle statue, well-known...

New York City, April 2014

It's been beautiful here in the Big Apple the past few days, which means I seize every chance to get outside and get some fresh air. Once in a while I even remember to take photos.

Civic Personnae

Something Liz and I got thinking about this past weekend: After attending a particularly drunk and rowdy brunch at a bar in downtown Arlington, Virginia (nice town, by the way) Liz remarked how different it...

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