Tonight’s Manhattan Sunset

February 24, 2015 New York City Comments (0) 524

Red Sunset over Manhattan

Liz noticed this one first, and luckily I was quick enough with the camera to capture it. Anybody know what those clouds are called?

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This is one of those “How did my life lead me here?” moments.

February 17, 2015 New York City, Reviews Comments (0) 666


I’ve been meaning to check out the Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue for quite a while–it’s only a couple blocks south from my office, and I’ve walked past it on many a lunch break. I always suspected the “museum” was an ad-on to exploit some loophole and locate a sex shop in such a prime location, but it turns out I was wrong: It appears the sex shop is the afterthought, a means to help fund the museum. Continue Reading

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Photos: More Manhattan Skyline

February 13, 2015 New York City, Personal Comments (0) 283

sklyine6¬†at home sick on Wednesday and going pretty stir crazy, when I happened to notice the sunset had turned the sky a beautiful shade of yellow gold. I grabbed the camera to try and capture it–I’ve been trying to practice working with longer exposures recently–and while I didn’t quite capture the perfect yellow, I did get a few other photos of Manhattan and Long Island City that I’m pretty happy about.

As a note: I don’t make my photography (or any of my other original work) available under Creative Commons, but if you’d like to use it ask me and I will likely give you permission.

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New York City, Snowy Monday

February 9, 2015 New York City Comments (0) 303

This is what I woke up to today. I took a quick photo out the window before heading to work.

Sure am looking forward to spring.


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Up and At ‘Em (Manhattan, January Sunrise)

January 29, 2015 New York City, Personal Comments (0) 508

Manhattan SunriseYou’ll see a lot of variations on this photo here, because this is the view from my living room.

This may end up being one of the better ones.


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Manhattan January Sunset

January 28, 2015 New York City, Personal Comments (0) 366

Manhattan January SunsetBeautiful sunset from a few nights ago. I am unfortunately not talented enough with the camera to really do it justice, but this is pretty passable. This is the view from our apartment window, which hasn’t gotten old yet.


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Snowpocalypse 2015: Taking the Cat for a Walk

January 27, 2015 New York City, Personal Comments (0) 529

You may have heard there was a blizzard yesterday. Like most people, we took our cat out for a walk. Mozart doesn’t get to see the outdoors that often, and he seemed to enjoy part of it–though he does not care for noisy subway trains passing overhead.


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Car: Impounded

January 12, 2015 New York City, Personal Comments (0) 474

LIC ParkingOn Saturday, my car was impounded.

Well, actually that’s not quite true. The car was impounded on Monday, the 5th, but I only noticed it on Saturday the 10th because that was the first time I wanted to use it. This being New York City, I mostly rely on trains and only use the car when necessary. On Saturday I was on my way to sub in net for an ice hockey team at Chelsea Piers, and my goalie gear was waiting for me in the back seat. Or so I thought–in fact it was 16 miles away, in an impound lot that had already closed for the weekend. Continue Reading

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Long Island City on a Snowy Morning

January 9, 2015 New York City, Personal Comments (0) 574

Long Island City Snowy Morning


Google does this thing it calls “Auto Awesome” when you sync your phone photos with Google Plus. Once in a while, you get a little surprise message that some cyborg somewhere has gussied up your photo with an elaborate Instagrammafication. Usually I think it’s nifty but unnecessary. In this case, however, I have to agree with the name. The original photo is below, and it’s nice enough–but that filter above is, well… Continue Reading

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Empire State Building, Dusk

January 5, 2015 New York City Comments (0) 300

Empire State Building HannukahA photo from 2013–Hannukah, actually, which is why the color scheme.

I walk past this building every day, and every day it’s impressive.


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