One month in the Big Apple

It's been pretty quiet around here for a while. Sorry about that. Since relocating to NYC I've been pretty busy--but now, with the Snowstorm of the Century rolling in and canceling my weekend plans,...

The Number Two Train

As Liz and I were heading home from Broadway Tuesday night, she noticed on Twitter that yet another person had been killed by an MTA subway--something that's been in the news a lot recently....

Apartment Searching: Philly vs New York

A quick study in contrasts. Here's how apartment searching works in Philly: You find ten apartments on Craigslist that suit your needs. Five of them are fake, and someone asks you to send money via Western...

American Museum of Natural History, New York City

My brother and I had some time to kill on the Upper West Side on Saturday (and I felt like throwing away $40 to park my car for a couple of hours) so we...

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