Do you have a minute to talk about idiocy? (The ACLU, WBC, and gay...

Call me partial, but articles like this get my blood boiling. You can read the whole thing at that link, but here's a summary: John Featherman, writing for, doesn't believe the ACLU should...

Quaker Philadelphia, Robber Baron New York

Since moving from Philadelphia to New York City, one thing I've really had trouble with is the culture around money. Mind you, I'm a professional fundraiser, so the subject of money isn't a strange...

Harrisburg Marathon

The start line at the 2012 Harrisburg Marathon

Civic Personnae

Something Liz and I got thinking about this past weekend: After attending a particularly drunk and rowdy brunch at a bar in downtown Arlington, Virginia (nice town, by the way) Liz remarked how different it...

Philadelphia Post-Hurricane Irene

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: After the storm, I went for a long walk along the Schuylkill River in Center City. The height of the river, and speed of the currents, was impressive, and the mammoth collection of garbage was a reminder that while hurricanes are dramatic, humans are truly disgusting.

11.21.2012: Philadelphia Marathon

Sunday I ran the Philadelphia Marathon, my second full marathon ever. My first was the 2011 Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, where I ran a 4:17:30. I trained a lot harder this year, and...

New York / Philadelphia

Made a quick trip to NYC this weekend so Liz and I could attend my cousin's wedding, which was a lot of fun and he and his new wife seem really happy. I got...

Ashamed of my alma mater

I am ashamed and angry at the response from the University of Pittsburgh. It's not bad enough that K-12 students are taught to OBEY, we are now extending that education to universities?

Another Philly Marathon, Another Personal Record for Liz

httpv:// Liz ran the Philly marathon Sunday morning. I did not--though it didn't stop me from eating a whole pint of ice cream Saturday night! After a series of lousy marathon experiences (getting sick and...

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