11.21.2012: Philadelphia Marathon

Sunday I ran the Philadelphia Marathon, my second full marathon ever. My first was the 2011 Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, where I ran a 4:17:30. I trained a lot harder this year, and...

Hurricane Sandy Mishigas

I, with most of Philadelphia, survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed. I spent two days huddled in my third-floor apartment, my kitchen jammed with bottles and pots full of reserve water, listening to the wind howl...

New York / Philadelphia

Made a quick trip to NYC this weekend so Liz and I could attend my cousin's wedding, which was a lot of fun and he and his new wife seem really happy. I got...

Chip Chantry’s most awkward Philly moments of 2012

A funny piece by an occasionally funny friend. Chip Chantry's most awkward Philly moments of 2012. Chip managed to get two* positive comments from the worst people in the world, the Philly.com comment crowd. That's an...

Winning the Future

My mother and I started the morning in a courtroom, observing a legal challenge to Conshohocken Borough's new law protecting LGBT residents against discrimination. There were eight of us in the audience, all supporters of the...

In which my drinking becomes an issue.

Philadelphia Weekly must have realized it was far past time someone recognized (a) my local celebrity, and (b) my expertise in the drinking of beer.

It’s Fall in Philadelphia

My favorite time of year here.

Another Philly Marathon, Another Personal Record for Liz

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKWZ5OZ9b7k Liz ran the Philly marathon Sunday morning. I did not--though it didn't stop me from eating a whole pint of ice cream Saturday night! After a series of lousy marathon experiences (getting sick and...

Running Atlantic City

  One fringe benefit of dating an actor: last week Liz was cast in a commercial production in Atlantic City, which meant a free hotel room for a couple of nights. I hopped a train...

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