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“The Dark Knight Rises” is filming winter scenes in Pittsburgh.

Yesterday in Pittsburgh it was ninety degrees and muggy, and Bane and his army of soldiers or minions or whatever were wearing winter coats. That's fake snow that's blowing around on the steps of...

The FIAO of Queens 2011 5K Run

Sunday I ran my shortest race yet, a 5K (that's 3.1 miles for you non-runner-types) in Astoria, organized by the Federation of Italian American Organizations of Queens. It was also the smallest race I've...

Sharing the road

I took advantage of the gorgeous evening in Philadelphia last night with a long-ish bike ride through the city and along the Schuylkill River Trail and Kelly Drive. Not too many cities offer 30+...

AGAIN This?? the words of Michael Helms.

Weekend in New Orleans

This weekend I escaped on a long-anticipated visit to New Orleans with my BFF Liz and her brother and sister, who was on the eve of her twenty-first birthday.  This was the first time...

Hemingway cats

I had the good fortune to enjoy a vacation in the Caribbean this past week, on which the first stop was Key West.  Though the weather drove me away from the beach, I was...

Ashamed of my alma mater

I am ashamed and angry at the response from the University of Pittsburgh. It's not bad enough that K-12 students are taught to OBEY, we are now extending that education to universities?

Rejection Letters / Backpacking the Catskills

Thought I'd share a story and a few photos from my Labor Day weekend backpacking trip to the Catskill Mountains.

The demons within the walls

Is there any invertebrate creepier than the house centipede (AKA "thousand-legger")? I grew up in Upstate New York, and had never encountered one of these until I first moved to southeastern PA around 1993....

American Museum of Natural History, New York City

My brother and I had some time to kill on the Upper West Side on Saturday (and I felt like throwing away $40 to park my car for a couple of hours) so we...

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