Fan Art?

September 16, 2013 Pop Culture Comments (4) 806


Someone named “Taco John” created this riff on my cartoon. I think this is the first time I’ve been parodied by a stranger.

As usual, the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

As usual, the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

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Fan Art?

  1. Luna says:

    Well, this is why Breaking Bad is a hit outside the US too.

  2. woolfhound says:

    People understand Breaking Bad outside the US because they are quite aware of how our health system works. Here’s an interesting discussion of cancer mortality rates: It turns out that ours aren’t that exceptional, except for patients over 65 who have access to government-provided health care. Before then, lack of access to insurance leads to more deaths. Oops!

  3. cyril says:

    THX Ciba-Gegi, Hoffman-Roche, Johnson&Johnson…From Switzerland

  4. cyril says:

    Yes Breaking Bad is a really “hit” in Europe. In facts, it was programmed on the Channel Arte first. That’a a good channel, who always “look” for different things that the other public channel programmed…

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