Fan Art?


Someone named “Taco John” created this riff on my cartoon. I think this is the first time I’ve been parodied by a stranger.

As usual, the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

As usual, the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

Chris is an author, artist, personal trainer, and long-time nonprofit fundraiser. His work has appeared in The Nib, GOOD, the Huffington Post, Salon, MTV, and numerous other publications. Chris lives in New York City.


  1. People understand Breaking Bad outside the US because they are quite aware of how our health system works. Here’s an interesting discussion of cancer mortality rates: It turns out that ours aren’t that exceptional, except for patients over 65 who have access to government-provided health care. Before then, lack of access to insurance leads to more deaths. Oops!

  2. Yes Breaking Bad is a really “hit” in Europe. In facts, it was programmed on the Channel Arte first. That’a a good channel, who always “look” for different things that the other public channel programmed…


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