Giving Tuesday Suggestions!

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Giving Tuesday is my favorite post-Thanksgiving theme weekday! Black Friday is behind us–so too Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday–and it’s time to think about how we’re going to give back and do something good for society. Here are four charities I believe in and to which I donate. What are your favorite charities? Let me know in the comments!


City Harvest
American Civil Liberties Union
Cell Motion BioBus
Humane Farm Animal Care

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Giving Tuesday Suggestions!

  1. cyril says:

    For myself. I live in a rich land : Switzerland. But I realize from a long time that is only a “a fake” ’cause there à lot of people here in Switzerland that can’t make a month with their pay, in fact a lot of what that’s caled “working poor”. So for my “little” part I work as benevole in social “shop every monday. I precise, that in Switzerland the people and the governement had “forced” the great supermarket to give 20% of their food that don’t sale (in fact they only give 10-12%). Before that, imagine, that all food that was outdated from 1 day was stocked and burned in in the end of the w-e (it’s always the case for the 80%”). Happily there is social shop who, after long batteling and aid from other organisations, had made somethging. Everything is based on volontaria. And, I can say, ’cause before I know this place where I’m benevole, that people have no hearth. But no there is a lot people who a are ready to give some of there time to give a help. The name of this social shop is . Partage. It’s very simple you pay 5 chf.- and you can pass at 10 distribution (a distribution is 1 bag of food). When you have made your ten times you can re-pay 5.- and continue. Another place where I “work” refugee center, for the same thing as in the social shop. Table Suisse (a Swiss Organisation who recolt food in supermarket) take the food, bring it to the center and we “classiffy “it look if it’s if not too “roten” put in place and make the distribution.A important I want to says is : Myself I eat food those “eating number date” is passed and I never been sick. We live in a socity where what we put in our garbage would nurrish a familly in another country. Don’t put in your garbage a food juste because supermarket say to you : no, this food is over ! The most of the people don’t realize the waste of food that we make in Occient. Every day millions of people died of hunger or thirst. So, accept we are priviligeted and then we can do something for the other (even if the other is your neighbour). Excuse me for my English, I’m not a pro in writing in this language. THX

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