Great job as always, Microsoft…

Ah, Microsoft, you've done it again!
/facepalm @microsoft

I had planned to spend a couple hours this evening working on the final draft of my novel.  Shortly after I began, up popped my friendly Microsoft Autoupdater, informing me of an available update.  Which I installed.  At which point Microsoft informed me that it had determined my Office CD Key was invalid, and I could no longer use its software.


My Office for Mac CD (which I paid for and installed legally, I make a point to mention) is at home somewhere.  I and my laptop, meanwhile, are visiting  my parents.  Perfect timing.

It’s funny, isn’t it?  The only software I’ve had any problems with on my Mac (in the nine years since I switched) was made by Microsoft.

I take it as a sign from the open source gods.  I’m currently downloading OpenOffice.  As of this moment the download is supposed to take another hour and a half, so I figure I’ll do some blogging to pass the time.  I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while.

So if you’d like to can go on to read about my current novel and the process of revising and submitting it for publication – that’s all I got through before dinner time.

Chris is an author, artist, personal trainer, and long-time nonprofit fundraiser. His work has appeared in The Nib, GOOD, the Huffington Post, Salon, MTV, and numerous other publications. Chris lives in New York City.


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