In which my drinking becomes an issue.

That’s me there in Philadelphia Weekly‘s Philly Beer Week issue, well-known beer aficionado that I am. A co-worker referred me to them a couple of weeks back. At the time I didn’t realize the kind of company I’d be keeping. It’s humbling. Maybe I should have mentioned that I’m also an author.

I deliberately left Doogie Horner in there, by the way, because he’s a very funny comedian and a friend in a six-degrees-of-Chip-Chantry kind of way, and because I greatly enjoy his blog.

I await my free case of Yards Beer.

Chris is an author, artist, personal trainer, and long-time nonprofit fundraiser. His work has appeared in The Nib, GOOD, the Huffington Post, Salon, MTV, and numerous other publications. Chris lives in New York City.


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