Unwise work habits

I am feeling decidedly low energy today. This might have something to do with the late-night ice hockey game in which I [apparently, and in the opinion of one scorekeeper] faced 67 shots.

As a result, my productivity at work is terrible. Which means I’ll have a lot more to do tomorrow, if I don’t want to spend the weekend doing work stuff.

This is unwise.

Also, it’s like 97 degrees in my office today, because they finally turned on the heat for the fall/winter, and then the weather went back up into the 80s. It’s like working in a public school building, I swear.

Oh, and since I’m sure you’re wondering: I stopped 64 of the 67, and we tied 3-3.

Chris is an author, artist, personal trainer, and long-time nonprofit fundraiser. His work has appeared in The Nib, GOOD, the Huffington Post, Salon, MTV, and numerous other publications. Chris lives in New York City.


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