Porn, College, and a Woman’s Right to Choose

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Duke University

Just a heads up: Many of the links in this post are NSFW.

In January, some ass at Duke revealed at a fraternity rush event that his friend and fellow freshman was doing online porn. According to his account, he promised her that he would keep her secret, but then revealed it anyway because, you know, frats.

What a dick, right? He treated his friend with zero respect, as if doing porn made her into his property, and he was entitled to make her decisions for her with no consideration for her feelings. Doing porn was her choice, but so was doing it under a pseudonym, and by outing her he took away her right to make decisions for herself. Someone should teach him a lesson, right? Hold that thought.

The young woman in question first penned an anonymous essay, explaining that she started doing porn to pay her tuition, that she enjoyed the work, and that she would not be made ashamed, even by the thousands of harassing and degrading messages she received from classmates and other men. A few works later, she penned another essay in which she revealed her professional identity, Belle Knox, and went into further detail about the bullying she’d experienced.

Meanwhile, porn distributor Mike Kulich struck back against bullying in his own way: An open letter to the young man who first outed Ms. Knox, in which he publicly reveals the young man’s membership in a site called “Facial Abuse,” mocks him for having a small penis, and offers him $10 thousand to fly to California and perform in a porn video himself.

“I want to give you the opportunity to live out all your fantasies. In addition to that 10K, there is a plane ticket and hotel room with your name on it out here in sunny Los Angeles. Screw the polar vortex. Get your ass out and come shoot for us! I will give you the opportunity to bang ANY porn star you want. We will make you a celebrity because it is apparent how much you love porn and attention.”

Okay, now here’s the thing…. It’s hard to label someone a hypocrite for acting as if women are his property when you’re saying things like “I will give you the opportunity to bang ANY porn star you want.” What was I saying above about taking away a woman’s right to make choices for herself? What about “any porn star who’s willing to bang you?” That might work a little better.

Or better yet, why not offer the young man the opportunity to do exactly what he outed his friend and classmate for doing? Kulich’s company also operates Boys Town Studio, a gay porn production company. Why not offer Mr. Duke fratboy a chance to have his own face abused?

He’d even be doing a good deed. Boys Town has committed to donate their DVD and Video-On-Demand sales to charities helping LGBT Russians seek asylum. Maybe he could make an appearance in Put it in Putin, the company’s second production, due this November? That way he’s really on equal footing with the young woman whose choices he decided he could make.

Hell, maybe he could invite the whole frat along. That would certainly be a better use of their time than bullying and degrading a young woman who’s doing what she can to buy herself a better future.

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