A brief visit back to the grindstone

December 27, 2011 Personal, Writing Comments (2) 675

I had a terrific little Christmas with my family, as we do pretty much every year. We tend to overdo Christmas, considering all of the “kids” are now around 30. The five of us gather around the tree and open about a hundred thousand presents that we’ve bought one another. For the last three years, my Dad has developed his very own “Deal or No Deal” home game (my Dad really likes TV – a lot) where the grand prize is $2,500. I didn’t win the grand prize (none of us did) but I did win a pretty tidy little sum that takes the sting out of holiday spending. I also got a lot of very thoughtful gifts, one of them quite dangerous: a Playstation 3.

The danger, of course, is that I will spend the next 2-12 months doing little but shooting virtual men in the head. This could have disastrous consequences on my writing career, my day job, my weight, and my cardiovascular health. Video games are one addiction I have been prone to in the past – most of my memories of 2006 were made in Azeroth, a world to which I don’t think I can ever risk going back. So this gift will require a bit of self-control.

The next couple of weeks are going to be super-busy, video games or no video games. I’m headed to NYC for New Year’s Eve, not to stand around Times Square and pee in a Big Gulp cup with the tourists, but to run a 4-mile race at midnight in Central Park, with Liz and her sister. A little less than a week after that, we’re headed to Orlando for a Disney vacation with a few friends. Oh, and for more running. I’m running the Disney Half Marathon, and Liz is running that PLUS the full marathon the next morning. It’s hard to imagine how we are going to be capable of walking around theme parks after that, but we’ll get by.

So the priority for the next few days is to get as much work done on the new novel (still untitled, despite my best efforts to come up with something) and to lose some of the holiday weight I’ve been putting on at an alarming pace. Some running and some healthy eating (rather than the all-chocolate-and-baked-goods diet I’ve been on since late November) should do the trick. After running a 1:50 in the Philadelphia Half Marathon, I’d hate to be the tub of guts guy dropping out of the Disney Half because his boobies hurt.

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A brief visit back to the grindstone

  1. 1) I tend to get addicted to things fairly easily. The only solution is to minimize temptation—which is harder than it seems sometimes.

    2) What’s wrong with an all-chocolate-and-baked-goods diet?

    3) Sports bra?

  2. P.S. I meant the only solution for me.

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