A Quick Note About Advertising

If you’re a long-time reader [ie, my mom or my girlfriend] you may have noticed some changes around the site recently. The site has a new overall look, owing partly to the advance of technology, partly to the desire to look good on mobile devices (on which nearly half of my visitors see the site) and partly to a periodic desire to freshen things up. I spent a little money and a lot of time on the new look, and I hope you like it.

You may also notice there are ads on this site for the first time. This is a change I’m not sure about, and your comments are welcome.

It wasn’t very long ago that I swore I wouldn’t use my online presence for advertising. I said then, and I still say, that the purpose behind my online presence (other than a selfish and slightly narcissistic desire to share my views and opinions) was to advance my career as a novelist and writer of fiction. As recently as last September, I said the only income I hoped to generate online was in the form of book sales.

So what’s changed? Well, for one thing, I’m getting a lot more web traffic. Perhaps because the Breaking Bad comic continues to generate interest, and hopefully (at least in part) because I try to say worthwhile things and share worthwhile content, more people are taking an interest in my site. In turn, I’m investing more time and money in what I put online. Frankly, I’d like to draw some financial benefit from that work, and I’m just not earning that much on fiction yet.

That’s not to say I’ve changed my goals; my primary motive is still to write fiction, and I’m still working at that. I’ve just finished the first draft of a new novel, I’m still shopping another around, and there are a few pieces of short fiction in the pipeline that I hope to tell you more about soon.

If and when writing fiction starts to pay the bills, I expect I’ll revisit my advertising policy and probably take ads down again. Until then, I hope a few web ads won’t disturb anyone’s sensibilities too much, and they’ll help me at least cover the cost of hosting this site, if not generate a few dollars of beer money.

I have no intention of selling “Canadian Walter White” t-shirts or any other merch, or to start making YouTube videos about Kellogg’s cereal or Warby Parker. I’m not on the web to make money, I’m here to connect with people who might appreciate my creativity. If I can make a few dollars without selling out completely, I hope that works for you, dear readers.

That said, I do value your opinion [Faceless Internet Reader] and I’m happy to hear your opinions as to whether the ads are disruptive or cheapen what I’m doing here. I also appreciate it, if you like what’s on the site and see an advertiser that interests you, if you’ll click and throw a few pennies my way.


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