Cartoon: False Flag

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Cartoon: False Flag

  1. Anonymous says:

    Marriage was not defined by people or a country’s court system. It was defined by a Creator. Whether you “believe” or not isn’t relevant. It’s true. I challenge you and others to have an open mind and start looking for truth. What’s right isn’t about what you want to be right or what an individual wants to be right, or even what they feel is right. It’s about what truthfully is right. We have been given the ability to know truth. It’s just a sad situation when millions of people reject their own given ability to know what is true and begin to create their own truth. Why do people do this? It’s debatable. Arrogance and a lack of regard for morality (and the one who created morality) is probably the answer. Keep on doing whatever you feel like doing as long as you aren’t hurting anybody. What do you truthfully believe will happen to you after death? Do you know? Do you think that because you have your own philosophies, that this destroys reality? Your philosophies are truth? If every human being began to abide by their own philosophies, their own “feelings,” this world would be chaos and disorder unimaginable. It would be like hell. What if a group of people decided murder and rape were acceptable? That from birth, that is what they have felt to be true, and they must act accordingly to be “true” to themselves? Is this ok? Who says it’s not? Why isn’t it ok? Because you say so? Who says murder and rape are wrong? Who says ANYTHING is wrong? Where does this end? I’m not afraid to admit and be open about the fact that some of my tendencies and thoughts and actions are wrong. I’m not going to wave a flag and attempt to force people to accept that what I want and what I feel is right. The lack of true understanding and humility in people these days is astounding.

    There is good and bad, right and wrong. We all have the ability to understand it. It’s just most people now reject the One who gave us the ability, and are arrogant enough to try to gain acceptance of their wrongs.

    Another issue….it’s ok for the supreme court to pass a law such as this without the vote of the American citizens? How is this acceptable? Just because this law coincides with your personal philosophies, it’s acceptable what the supreme court has done? Frightening.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes….. “the art of speaking for as long as the occasion warrants, and saying nothing”. “Someone who pontificates about issues of which they are uninformed, yet pretend to be expert.”

    Bloviator indeed.

  3. Chris says:

    Most of this is your opinion, and you have a right to that. But the last paragraph? The whole point of the Supreme Court is to rule on the constitutionality of laws, totally independent of the popular vote. The court isn’t ruling on personal philosophies, nor are they ruling on biblical or other religious texts. They rule on the U.S. Constitution. So this argument about “the vote of the American citizens” is silly.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This ruling was not based on popular vote. This was our judicial system forcing a law to pass, regardless of what the American people wanted. Supporters of gay marriage love to claim that 2/3 of Americans are now in favor of gay marriage. There will never be an honest way to know this, because we never were able to vote. All we can do is speculate. We have a president who is in favor of gay marriage, and he is openly proud of executive order. He loves to bypass the American citizens and Congress and attempt to put laws into play. His own words are proof of this.

    It is “probably” true that 2/3 of Americans believe that gay citizens can conduct their lives as they please. This is not the same as being in favor of a law that states that marriage encompasses any two humans joining in marriage, regardless of gender.

    Personally, I am not in favor of the law. I do, however, believe that we have freedom to do as we please. This is separate from whether it is wrong or right and separate from the law. We all have freedom of choice. But does that mean I believe my government should have forced my country to abide by the belief that male/male or female/female marriage is lawfully morally correct? NO.

    1. Chris says:

      Right, the ruling WASN’T based on the popular vote, because it shouldn’t be. That’s the whole point of having a Supreme Court with Justices appointed for life, is that they won’t be swayed by popular opinion but hold to what the Constitution and what justice say.

      You don’t get to vote on people’s fundamental rights. Your opinion and your vote are completely irrelevant.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Wow Christopher. You believe Justices appointed for life should have the say-so over our laws? They, above the American citizens, should create law? They shouldn’t be swayed by popular vote? Are you a commie? A fascist? take your pick because you are not an American. The power should be fully in the hands of the people. If you don’t like what the majority of the people want, you leave. The government cannot trump the people! The government works for us, they uphold what we need and what we want. Do you know what happens when government has authority over the people? Just look at the sickening corrupt way our government acts today….and you defend that they should have the final word? If the Supreme Court ruled against gay marriage, you would have had a fit and believed the people should have voted. I believe the people vote on everything, no matter what our personal agendas might be. We have to have the power. We have to be in control of our government. When the government and “Justices appointed for life” are in control, our civil rights are violated and we may as well be robots. WOW, this from a guy as smart as you seem. Crazy.

        1. Chris says:

          …so it’s patriotic to oppose one of the three branches of government established in the Constitution itself? You “believe the people vote on everything,” a system that has *never* been implemented in the United States in its entire history?

          You don’t get to vote on people’s rights. Period. If you don’t like that, you leave. There are plenty of countries that don’t guarantee equal rights to everyone, but here in the U.S., we do.

          Also, aren’t you the same person who was commenting on the police cartoon and saying we should have respect for authority? Then you come here and talk about how the government is “sickeningly corrupt?” Maybe you should make up your mind….

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