Pitch Wars 2015: Mentee Bio FAQ

1. What's the deal with the Pitch Wars mentee bio thing? It's a fun, totally optional and unofficial way for mentees to get to know each other, and for mentors to stalk and study their...

Rabbit Shoes and Tarot Cards: The Book of Speculation is Launched

Yesterday I posted about The Book of Speculation, the debut novel from my friend and author Erika Swyler. Then I hopped on a train to Barnes and Noble on the Upper West Side for her book...

Publication Day! Erika Swyler’s THE BOOK OF SPECULATION.

At left is the cover of a new book, but not just any book. It's The Book of Speculation by my friend Erika Swyler, who I have known since we were larval writers, maybe 11 or 12 years old, attending summer nerd camp together in upstate New York.

How many stories can a person hear at once?

It seems to me the average person is consuming far more stories simultaneously than ever before. Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or neither?

Nainaine of the Bayou

Nainaine of the Bayou, a short story by Christopher Keelty

Tsar Bomb First Page (Fall First Page Blog Hop)

This is a bit unusual for me, folks, but Michelle Hauck is hosting a critique blog hop at her site. It's a neat idea (thanks, Michelle!) and I've decided to participate--so here's the first...

My name is Chris, and I’m a multitasker.

Science says multitasking is making us all dumber, and by paying attention to many things we're really paying attention to nothing. Here's my attempt to reverse the trend.

#PitchWars 2014: What’s the Deal with Mentee Bios?

Hi! If you're reading this you're probably considering competing in PitchWars 2014, so good for you and good luck! In 2013, a few of us (meaning like almost 80 of us) did this totally unofficial blog-hop...

#PitchWars 2014: My Mentee Bio

  It's been less than a year since my first Pitch Wars, but the contest is back and so am I, with a new novel and a new blog bio. Last year's bio is still up...

Video: Did “Save the Cat” REALLY Ruin Hollywood?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0L1UZ47jY8 More than one person took issue with my previous video on Save the Cat and story structure. I wanted to revisit the subject in a little more detail and respond to some of the...