Video: What is the Death Tax?

With Republicans in control of Congress and Donald Trump in the White House, we're hearing a lot about repealing the "Death Tax," better known as the Federal Estate Tax. But what IS the Death...

Video: Could Silencers Make Mass Shootings Worse?
Photo of NYC Bodega Protest in Brooklyn by Yousef Mohamed. Used with permission.

First Amendment Friday: February 3, 2017

Milo’s fake free speech claims, religious discrimination against refugees, and a Supreme Court appointee who will fight “Christian Oppression.” It was a big week for those who misread the Bill of Rights.

You are one person, and your brain can’t handle the whole world.

Your brain is not designed to balance the needs of 7 billion people. Fight the good fight, but remember to keep your own world small.

Women’s March 1 – Jan 2017

The Women's March here in New York City was incredible--less a March than a stand, since so many people came out to protest that we filled the entire route, shoulder to shoulder. I wrote...
NYC Womens March Vagina Masks

First Amendment Friday: January 27, 2017

Rap as a crime, the GOP advocates a religious right to discriminate, women take it to the streets, and Hollywood fights for the right to lie about its age.
Hillary Clinton speaking with microphone in Arizona

What Hillary Clinton Could Learn from Charity Fundraisers

Hillary's tendency to talk about herself may have hurt her--and in that, fundraisers may have something to teach future politicians.

Women’s March: Welcome to the Resistance. Here’s What to Do Next.

A practical guide for Women's Marchers especially white people) looking for a productive way to channel their energy the day-after.

Nate Silver swung the election. He should admit it.

It's a simple but unfortunate fact that most humans don't understand probability. It's not our fault, exactly. Our primate brains are not designed for it. Take the Gambler's Fallacy: If a coin flip comes up...