My New Venture:

Just a quick note that I am now a certified personal trainer (based in New York City), and posting regularly regarding health and fitness at I will continue posting here, too, but I...

Video: Five Reasons You Should NOT Self-Publish Your Book

I get why it’s tempting, but here are five good reasons I think you should not self-publish.

Yosemite Bound

In one week, I'll board a plane and spend three nights solo backpacking around Yosemite National Park. Hopefully I won't be eaten by anything.

Surface Pro 3 Follow-up: When it all goes bad

Yesterday, my Surface Pro 3 was working great, just as it has been for the last 9 months.  It's not my primary computer, but I basically use it for two things: Drawing cartoons and...

Why I Have Ads on My Site

This isn't prompted by any particular inquiry, it's something I want to post so I can refer back to it later--a little trick I learned from reading John Scalzi, who incidentally has no ads...

Ten Pounds Down in September

How I found my self-control with a month of careful eating

#PitchWars Mentee Blog Analysis

Let's begin with the reason there's a mentee blog hop at all: If you're looking to enter the publishing industry, you need to have an online presence. There is some disagreement as to what exactly...

Liz was interviewed by Women’s Running

Yesterday I shared a story about Liz, my girlfriend who coaches runners professionally. Today, you can read an interview with her in Women's Running where she shares advice about what to do after...

How not to hire a running coach

What happened when my running coach girlfriend declined to date a potential client? A small meltdown, that's what.

A Minor Mishap

tw: bloodshed, fat legs Next time I have knee surgery, I think I'll go to a doctor instead of the sidewalk.