Video: Five Reasons You Should NOT Self-Publish Your Book

I get why it’s tempting, but here are five good reasons I think you should not self-publish.

Health Care, Breaking Bad, and Virality

httpv:// I became a little bit famous this week with a Breaking Bad cartoon that went viral. It's a very strange feeling, and I'm very grateful. I also learned a few things I thought I'd...

Video: New Zombie Fiction and Other Updates

Sorry to be an absentee around here the last week or two. I've gone back into the writing process, this time revising the novel I finished drafting in March, Tsar Bomb. The good news is...

Video: Did “Save the Cat” REALLY Ruin Hollywood? More than one person took issue with my previous video on Save the Cat and story structure. I wanted to revisit the subject in a little more detail and respond to some of the...

Drunken Pumpkin Carving!

It's Drunken Pumpkin Carving, with special guests Alex Dingley and Elizabeth Corkum! Uploaded only six weeks after Halloween 2013! Is this video late, or did your celebration end too early?

Our Inability to Talk about Guns is Killing Children

The United States has a gun problem, but perhaps more importantly we have a talking problem. Until we can have a rational, reasonable discussion about guns, with both sides participating, we're never going to find a solution.