March 14, 2018 Comic Books, Comics Comments (0) 127

Hey man, I grew up reading comic books in the 1990s. As soon as Trump announced “Space Force,” I knew who would be drawing that title.

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GalacTrump Hungers!

August 29, 2017 Artwork, Comic Books, Comics Comments (0) 53

I wanted to do SOMETHING to honor the late, great Jack Kirby for his 100th birthday… and since everything is politics these days, here you are.

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Sam Guthrie, AKA Cannonball

June 25, 2017 Artwork, Comic Books Comments (0) 61

I realize this doesn’t  qualify as a “cartoon,” but I’ve been having some fun recently drawing beefcake comic book characters. Here’s Sam Guthrie, AKA Cannonball, always a character I kind of had the hots for. 

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