The Jersey Devil Press Sampler III

Get your own copy of the Jersey Devil Press Sampler FREE at the Asbury Park Comic Con 2014. Send me a picture with your copy and I'll think of some suitable reward--or read my story free online!

Asbury Park Comic-Con

If you're heading to the 2014 Asbury Park Comic Con, you can pick up one of my short stories (and other great fiction) courtesy of Jersey Devil Press and the guys from Comic Book Men.

More Silver Age Marvel (AKA Iron Man’s Rocket Skates)

We've now had four Iron Man movies (counting The Avengers) by three different directors, and not once has he deployed his rocket skates. I can only assume they were saving that big reveal for...

Silver Age Comics

Yesterday I stopped by JHU Comics in Midtown and picked up some Silver Age comics from the 1970s (specifically, the Avengers Kree/Skrull War storyline) and I'm just enjoying the hell out of them. The dialogue...

12.13.2012: The Hawkeye Initiative

The Hawkeye Initiative responds to the rampant sexism in comics by producing images of Hawkeye (AKA Clint Barton) in poses identical to those artists choose for female heroes. I did this one based on an...