Chart: The Great Republican Dumbening

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Chart: The Great Republican Dumbening

  1. Anonymous says:

    So far I believe Trump is the best thing to happen to this country in a long time. Most of the people who think he’s a “dumb idea” on the part of the Republican party just can’t handle his truthfulness and tell-it-like-it-is nature, and think he’s a joke just because he’s a business man who has been in the lime light for many years. He certainly isn’t a politician, and guess what? That’s a great thing because our government needs weeded out terribly. We need someone to get the real people who truthfully care about this country rallied and willing to take a stand against the BS that our current president’s administration has created (as well as the idiocy created by the presidential administrations just prior to him). So far, Trump means what he says, and he’s right about what he says. Just because he is running as a Republican, doesn’t mean he is dumb or a bad idea.

    The thing of it is, we need to stop seeing this country as “Republican” or “Democrat” or “Libertarian” or “Independant,” etc. We are Americans. We do disagree on many issues, but our core values, our needs, and our rights are all the same. We may disagree and live differently when it comes to private issues such as religion (or lack of), sexual orientation, family views. However, we all need the same things from a president- from all of our elected officials. In recent years, our presidents have failed us miserably and have not done their REAL jobs. At this point in time, the feds need to stay out of our personal lives and just work on what is going to make this country a wonderful place to work, make a great living, raise a family (or live alone) and a place where citizens can rest assured their government is working for them. They are OUR employees. And they need to start acting accordingly.

    For the record, the Democrats have a great dumbening as well, just as bad, or worse, than the Republicans.

    We need to stop being divided and angry about “stupid Republicans” or “stupid Democrats” and get the political garbage out of our minds. We have big issues in this country. We are potentially on the brink of disaster. We need someone to help get us back to our core values, the basics of how to be a great country. The details will fall into place once we are back to square one and our government is back to taking care of us, rather than dividing us and ruining us and our country. Once we weed out the bad eggs in government, get them to do their jobs and do them right, then we the people can get back to pointing fingers at who is right or wrong on gay rights issues, abortion, gun laws…..

    1. Chris says:

      Anon, taking your paragraphs individually, I thoroughly disagree with the first, agree pretty much completely with the second, and would be interested in hearing you make a case for the third.

      I’d never argue that there aren’t significant problems with the Democratic party (in particular their selling out to corrupt corporate interests and refusal to refute security culture) but “dumb” is not a word I think applies. The GOP meanwhile has become so focused on ideology and rhetoric that the majority of their candidates and their voters take almost no interest in the feasibility of their policies. “Cut taxes, regulate personal lives, and build defense infrastructure” is a policy that will literally destroy us, as was amply demonstrated by the Bush administration. You (and I) may find Democratic policy objectionable, even perhaps immoral, but it’s quite demonstrable that they are feasible in their implementation. I’d be interested to hear your case for a Democratic “dumbening.”

      So far you’ve spouted a lot of generic rhetoric about politicians being “bad eggs” and out of touch, and that we’re “on the brink of disaster,” which is silly. Especially when you open by endorsing Trump, I have serious reservations about your political perspective. That said, I’m quite open-minded to hear a more detailed, specific, and reasoned analysis.

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