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I haven’t heard too many people cite Godwin since the Trump campaign, which ticked most of the fascist boxes. The “victory tour” and his intention to continue holding rallies certainly doesn’t help. But once in a while, someone does still make this argument.

I heard someone recently say it was “too early” to compare Trump to Hitler, which is a funny phrasing. It implies we’ll get there eventually–but I guess we need to wait for genocide? Or maybe just the invasion of France.

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Comic: Trump Camp

  1. Keith Buhler says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for the ‘toon.

    I think the idea is that it’s “too early” to compare Trump to Hitler because, as it turns out, he may be very good for Jews, blacks, gays, immigrants (especially the 30%+ Latinos who voted for him). And if that happy chance became reality, all the Hitler comparisons would seem foolish.

    If he does go bad (which he hasn’t yet), then all the good people supporting him and criticizing him would have an obligation to stop him early.

  2. Paul says:

    I have no idea what Keith is talking about. Nothing has happened to make us thing Trump “…may be very good for Jews, blacks, gays, immigrants…” and the reference to “the 30%+ Latinos who voted for him” is bizarre. Is the ignorant protofascist going to single out the Latinos (many of whom are not immigrants by the way) who supported him for favors?

  3. Keith Buhler says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    Here’s a reference for the number of Latinos who voted for him, I said 30% but this says 29.

    My thinking was that Latinos (native and immigrant) might be among those who recognize the danger of leaving the border open for cartels, say, and might have fled those very drugs that they see coming in.

    They might be among those who recognize the economic risk of letting in waves of unskilled workers to compete for their jobs.

    Not our jobs, thank God; unskilled immigrants are not likely to immediately become authors, political cartoonist’s or philosophy professors. But if I were still a waiter and worked in Texas near the border, I would be legitimately anxious.

    Anyhow, my original point was that people are legitimately scared because of his rhetoric and his cabinet picks but he hasn’t done any Hitler-ish things yet and we need to keep some rhetoric in the barrel in case he does.

    1. I will say that among the Latino conservatives I’ve spoken with, it’s not unusual to encounter strong sentiment against undocumented immigration of the “I [or “my family”] came here legally, why shouldn’t they?” variety. This is as short-sighted from Latino Americans as it is from anyone, when our legal immigration system is impossibly broken.

      Lumping all Latino Americans into one group also ignores that there are sometimes very deep resentments between people of different national origins. I have spoken with Puerto Ricans who LOATHE Mexicans and hold deeply racist views about them, and heard of various similar divisions from Latino friends. I don’t know how prevalent or powerful those divisions are, but since Trump went after Mexicans so specifically, it seems possible that won him votes with some other Latino voters.

      And of course Latino voters, like anyone else, are impacted by bias against other racial minorities (particularly Black people), against LGBTQ+ people, and against a woman in power. I remain convinced that this was a major, if not predominant, motivator for a large number of Trump voters. Not enough to explain 30%, perhaps, but then again maybe so. All we can do is speculate.

      As to your original point… Of course it’s possible a Trump presidency could be beneficial. But I’d disagree that he hasn’t “done Hitler-ish thing.” That’s true if you focus on Hitler in power, but if we compare him with Hitler during his rise to power, there are numerous disturbing similarities. When the man has said the things he has said, and stirred up the kind of venomous following he has, powerful rhetoric is vital to keep him in check.

      My least favorite narrative is basically “You can’t compare him to Hitler because he hasn’t murdered 6 million people.” The problem with that is that it per se disqualifies us from stopping the man before those murders happen.

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