Drawing on the Surface Pro [Project 1: The Great Goblin]

There was a Surface Pro under the Christmas tree for me this year. I included it on my list after a number of artists praised its virtue as a drawing tablet. Unlike iPads and most other tablets, the Surface Pro is pressure sensitive, which allows an artist to vary the width of a line naturally, and makes it comparable to drawing on a smaller, more portable version of the Wacom Cintiq. [Note: this is true only of the Pro and Pro 2, not the Surface RT or Surface 2]. I went with the original Surface Pro because I regard it primarily, if not solely, as a drawing device, and there was no real benefit in paying the extra money for the Pro 2.

I’ve played around with drawing on the Surface a lot in the past couple of days, and I’m happy with the results so far. I use Sketchbook Pro software, which is what I’ve generally seen recommended. I’ve never spent any real time drawing digitally, so there was a bit of a learning curve, but after a couple of days I’m starting to feel competent.

I’ve also recently fallen back in love with the 1970s animated version of The Hobbit from Rankin and Bass, and so I went with the Great Goblin as one of my first projects.



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