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October 3, 2006 Writing Comments (2) 616

Sending off six more query packets to various lit agents tomorrow. My brother did a super read-through of Volve (well, he half-did it… but he can work on the second half while I edit the first in accordance with his comments) that’s really helpful. I’m still hoping I can get a good agent who will help me connect with a larger publisher, though. We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, not much progress on “Untitled Novel #2” in the past few days; I’ve been struck by the urge to write here and there, but haven’t sat down and given it any time. Bought a new printer today, so maybe the ability to put the words on actual paper will motivate me to churn some more out. I have to get past that concept of writing when I feel like it and behave more like a pro, writing because it’s my job. Maybe tomorrow.

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For your consideration

  1. Alan says:

    What were his comments? Were they more story based?

  2. roberthyers says:

    Do you have anything published as of yet? Any samples of your work? I’d be interested in seeing it. I’m a gay writer living right outside Philly. If you’d like to see some of my work, just go to

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