HBO’Game of Thrones: Some Surprises in WaPo’s Infographic

April 10, 2015 Pop Culture, Science Fiction & Fantasy Comments (0) 731

GoTThe Washington Post (specifically, Shelly Tan and Alberto Cuadra) put together an absolutely fantastic infographic that charts every on-screen death in the HBO series so far. It’s a great way to kill your productivity at work, but there are certainly a few surprises.

Like the deadliest season, for instance. I would have said Season Two for sure; certainly no battle could have cost more lives than the Battle of the Blackwater. But that’s why I emphasized “on-screen” above; WaPo doesn’t count all the unseen soldiers and crew who were working in the bellies of those exploded ships, they only count the folks who died on-screen. By that standard, the Battle of Castle Black becomes the deadliest battle, and Season Four takes the season title.

However, the total of 182 deaths in Season Four includes 12 wights that are killed outside the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave, which seems dubious to me. The notes on methodology don’t address treatment of undead, but seeing as how somebody has to die to become a wight, I don’t know if their destruction should be counted as another “death.”

I mean, everyone knows: What is dead may never die. Come on.

Lastly, the death standings (up top). Giving Bronn responsibility for the Battle of the Blackwater is questionable, but the notes on methodology make it sound enough. Still a surprise that he kills more than the hound–and that Jon Snow comes in third. Also interesting that the graphic includes Sandor “The Hound” Clegane in their death count, when the books strongly hint otherwise.

It’ll be interesting to see, with Season Five reportedly deviating significantly from George R. R. Martin’s novels, who leads in the standings after Episode Ten.

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