Health Care, Breaking Bad, and Virality


I became a little bit famous this week with a Breaking Bad cartoon that went viral. It’s a very strange feeling, and I’m very grateful. I also learned a few things I thought I’d share.


My cartoon, Breaking Bad: Anywhere but America Edition:

If Breaking Bad were made in Canada:

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  1. Frankly, you’ve chased away any of your potential fanbase who isn’t interested in being lectured by someone who, by his own admission, doesn’t really know any hard numbers about health care but does have some colorful anecdotes and the ability to link to discredited propagandists such as Michael Moore. But hey, good luck trying to become a famous novelist with a fraction of the audience. It could happen, I guess.

  2. I live in a country where there is free health care… As everything run by government it is dismal, many people die waiting for surgeries while a huge chunk of the budget goes to treatment by people with AIDS etc..
    Health Care for profit is awesome if there is competition and not the gamed system the US have with HMOS, limited amount of doctors graduating etc.


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