It includes my work, and it actually exists.

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My glamorous apartment wall and perfectly coifed hair and I are here to remind you that Collective Fallout’s Futuristic Edition (July 2011) is available, and that it features my short story Toll Road, as well as art and fiction from a bunch of other really talented people. I got my first shipment of copies today, and I can attest that they do in fact exist. They feature words printed on paper. By reading those words as you advance the pages, you can experience short fiction in the comfort of your very own home, city bus, or prison bunk.

Of course, if you prefer a bunch of ones and zeroes which may be translated by the device of your choice into readable text, the good folks at Collective Fallout have a product to suit your needs, and at the affordable price of only ninety nine cents, a mere 16% of the price of an ink-and-paper edition!

These are the people who were kind enough to give me my first commercial publication, and so you should support them. I make no profit whatsoever from your purchase, but then don’t we all profit from the availability of quality speculative fiction with an LGBT interest?

The holidays are right around the corner, and nothing shows your love like the story of a man compelled to walk the post-apocalyptic remains of the Pennsylvania Turnpike to atone for his guilt over his dead lover.

Click here. Order today.

3 Responses to :
It includes my work, and it actually exists.

  1. Is it me, or is that photo flipped horizontally?

  2. Chris says:

    It is! Good catch. For whatever reason, Apple’s Photo Booth program always does this.

  3. So proud of you! You have to sign my copy!!!

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