Long Island City Sunset 03.24.15

March 30, 2015 New York City Comments (0) 787

These last few months have been rough, but sometimes this city isn’t so bad. I took this from the roof of our building the other night, while waiting for a GPS signal before a run.

It’s actually two (or maybe three) separate photos that Google helpfully, and without any prompting from me, made into a panorama. So thank you, benevolent electronic overlords.

Notable features from left to right, in case you’re curious: The Long Island City Courthouse, Citibank Building, One World Trade, the Linc, The Empire State Building, United Nations complex, Chrysler Building, Trump World Tower, GE Building (“30 Rock”), 601 Lexington Avenue (AKA Citigroup Center), 432 Park Ave (AKA “That eyesore that’s ruining our skyline”), and the Queensboro Bridge

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