My dream rejection

September 25, 2012 Personal, Writing Comments (0) 357

The first literary agent I queried about my new book is the agent I would most like to work with. Here’s an excerpt from my query letter:

I am a fan of several of the authors you represent, and I will not be shy in saying that you are my dream agent, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Should you be interested, you may reach me at this e-mail address or by phone at any time, at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I won’t name names, but let’s say this gentleman has a very impressive catalogue of clients, and a bio on his web site that strikes the perfect balance of expertise, modesty, and commitment to the art and business of writing.

Less than eight hours later, I received a response:

Dear Mr. Keelty,

I love the “dream agent” line but I am not currently seeking authors in this particular sub-category unless they already have interesting publishing credits.
Best wishes and good luck,
Shucks. At least I got a personal response. So now my “dream agent” is whichever one offers to represent me – or, really, at this point, whichever one asks for a partial. My standards aren’t high.

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