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“Nainaine Laveau, Nainaine Laveau,The teeth that bite, the eyes that glow…” 

A tale of dark fantasy set in the magical, post-apocalyptic world of Murka, Nainaine of the Bayou follows a young girl named Nell as she wanders the swamp that has overtaken New Orleans in search of the witch who can cure her zombie grandmother. The traveling magician who promised to bring grandmother back to life did not warn of her hunger for human flesh, or the anger and hatred that now burn in her undead eyes.

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In a world run by outlaw bikers and religious zealots, Nell’s adventure takes her deep into the forgotten French Quarter–but will the witch choose to help, and is there even a cure for undeath?

Nainaine of the Bayou is a short story of approximately 4,000 words (16 pages). It is set in Murka, the lawless post-apocalyptic world that follows the fall of the United States.

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