Made a quick trip to NYC this weekend so Liz and I could attend my cousin’s wedding, which was a lot of fun and he and his new wife seem really happy. I got up early Saturday so I could squeeze in my long run in Central Park before the wedding. It was a beautiful morning for a run, and though my gastrointestinal tract was quite unhappy with me (six beers the night before a long run is rarely a good idea) Central Park is always a fun place to run and people-watch.

By far the most memorable part was the older woman who was out for a training run, pooped herself, and kept going. So when I came up behind her, she had streaks of liquid shit running down the insides of her legs and soaking into her socks. This is a common sight at marathons. Among tens of thousands of people running three to four hours each, one or two are going to get the runs, and after several months of hardcore training (and the cash one lays out for a major marathon) it’s common to keep running anyway. On a training run, though?

Afterward, Liz told me that woman is sort of famous in Central Park for doing that. Gross.

I’ve started to alleviate the tedium of travel by taking photographs. They’re just camera-phone shots, but at this point camera phones can take some pretty nice photos, even without Instagram filters. I’m sharing a few here, and I’ll save some of my favorites so they can have their own posts.


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