NYC: Marriage and Front Runners Pride Run 2011

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I had the good fortune to be in NYC visiting Elizabeth this past weekend – pretty much the best time in the past 100 years or so to be in New York. We stayed up Friday night watching the State Senate debate (and tweeting – I tend to do a lot of that when I watch parliamentary process) and waiting for the historic vote. As you all know now, we were not disappointed. I won’t go on about it, except to say that I’m delighted, awestruck, and incredibly proud of the state of my birth. I only wish my current home state could buy a clue.

Saturday morning Liz and I ran the NY Front Runners Pride Run, my first official Central Park race. As expected after the vote on Friday, the mood was upbeat and celebratory, though there were far fewer costumes than I expected – and not a single man running in a wedding dress! The fellow at the top of this post was one of the exceptions. As I ran past I got to hear his advice for anyone considering such a costume, “Lots and lots of Body Glide.”

I learned several things in this race. I learned that many runners don’t respect corrals. I also learned that speed walkers, and some regular walkers, feel similarly toward corrals. Lastly, I learned that when I am slowed down by people who started two or three corrals in front of their designated corral, I get super bitchy.

Not that I was the only one. As the race kicked off, with eight thousand runners jockeying for position, a bicyclist came riding at high speed from behind us, nearly plowed into the crowd, all while shouting “oh yeah, like there’s nobody else here!” Would that I could have conversed with the man, I would have pointed out that there were eight thousand of us and one of him, and which one of us was acting self-important? Alas, my attention was occupied with trying to get around the speed walkers and the groups of ladies who were forming human walls so they could converse while running slowly, something that wouldn’t have been problematic had they started in the right corral (have I communicated my annoyance about this whole corral thing?)

Despite feeling slow and stiff before the race, Liz set a PR, coming in 9th among all women and 4th among women in her age bracket. I finished about two and a half minutes behind my best 5-mile time, thanks in part to the hilly terrain in Central Park but mostly to the stupid corral jumpers.

Here’s some video of Liz just after her surprisingly strong race. You’ll also get a good sampling of my attitude after my own finish. I manage to slander an entire city on the basis of a few slow runners. Behold the bitchiness.

By the way, it sounds like I don’t like the popsicle, but actually I thought the popsicle was awesome.

Liz and I also marched in the NY Pride Parade on Sunday with the contingent from the New York Civil Liberties Union. More on that soon.

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NYC: Marriage and Front Runners Pride Run 2011

  1. Diane says:

    Way to go Chris!!! You’ve come so far in the past couple of years!

    And Elizabeth placed 9th among all the women? That’s crazy! Congrats!!!!

    And I’m generally a very fast walker and on just a normal day get pissed at a few people for how slow they walk(don’t they have anywhere to be? Grrrr). I can’t imagine how I would be if I was racing. The NY elbows would probably be flying again.

  2. Elizabeth Ann Corkum says:

    Dude, I couldn’t stop smiling in the post-race video!!!

  3. Christopher Keelty says:

    I know! I love it!!

  4. A. Ellen says:

    Congrats Chris and Liz – Great job. Think back to where you were last year at this time – You’ve come a long way!! Chris, I need to ask ” proud of the State of my birth?” or “what you expect – NY (in not a sweet tone) when referring to corrals and bikes. Are you sure the biker and “ladies” were New Yorkers? We live with corrals all the time in the City and know how to handle them – maybe yes and maybe no.

    I do know the legislators that approved Gay Marriage were all New Yorkers.

    Get the point!

    Liz, congrats on your placement – That’s terrific especially with the amount of people running in the race !

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