#PimpMyBio is Totally a Thing Now

December 2, 2013 In The News, Writing Comments (4) 793

It’s pretty awesome having a hand in creating something that finds a life of its own. That’s kind of the ultimate aspiration for most creative-types (well, and finding a way to earn a living from that creativity) and I feel like I’ve had more than my share this year.

I’m participating in this year’s Pitch Wars, a writing contest hosted by the fabulous and kind Brenda Drake, and last week I put together my own “Mentee Bio,” inspired by the various participating mentors. A couple other authors (specifically, Phil Stamper and Keely Hutton) did the same, and today the concept took off, with nearly 50 writers participating at last count. There’s even a Twitter hashtag: #PimpMyBio.

Author Dannie Morin has taken on the task of compiling a list of Mentee Bios. If you’ve written one, be sure to add yourself! I spent a couple hours watching Home Alone 2* and reading other authors’ bios, which was fun and educational. It’s humbling to be among such talented, passionate people.

It’s a shame I must destroy you all.

tumblr_mli484ivZZ1ryio6wo1_500Just kidding. But it is a contest, after all. I can say sincerely that I’ll be super-happy for all the winners. Especially if one of those winners is me.

* Watching Home Alone 2 as an adult, I’m awestruck by the number of times those burglars would be dead. I mean DEAD.

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#PimpMyBio is Totally a Thing Now

  1. Keely Hutton says:

    The first brick to Marv’s head would have taken him OUT!

    1. Chris says:


      Seriously, falls from great height, lead pipes to heads, many bricks, and FIERY HEAD IN BOWL OF PAINT THINNER.

      Marv and Harry are undead. They actually died in prison and they’re ghosts. It’s the only explanation. That’s also why no one notices them in their extraordinarily obvious hiding places.

  2. Wendy Spinale says:

    Okay, I like you. If a zombie apocalypse happens, you’re on my friends list. Good luck with #PitchWars.

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